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Awake by Proxy

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Awake by Proxy
by Kathleen Sutherland

I noticed today that the world is awake—trees, rocks, clouds, and yes, even people. We're all awake! This moment is awake. It's as bright as it can possibly be, framed by an infinite past and future. It is being witnessed by 7.5 billion people and countless other sentient beings, here on earth and elsewhere. It's certainly not going to let us down. It's going to put on a real show. And so it does.

Although many people may not be experiencing conscious awareness, they are animated by the life force, the same force that animates you and me, who are awake or are striving to stay clear. And if we are truly awake and clear, we see that the life force which animates all other sentient beings is also awake. In fact, it's all that is awake. That is all that there is. The rest is just a vision.

Because everything and everyone is awake, I can just go along for the ride. I don't need to wake or clear Kathleen up. She, like everyone else, is simply awake by proxy to this shimmering day. She disappears into the mirage, and all that is left is this energy, this presence, this sense of being—this this.

We are the awake space, the consciousness of creation. Only imaging that we are not, that we are something other than this can lead to a sense of separation and the searching and striving for a sense of unity. Know what you are, and you will never feel separate or alone again—just as you never were. The world is awake, and holds you in its brilliant embrace.