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Here are articles and resources on a wide variety of topics, intended as additional information, but as direct pointing to what is. The articles are organized by category and topic:

The Extraordinary Ordinary
Who Are You?
Here and Now
Who Awakens?
Living in Truth: Surrender and Peace

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The Extraordinary Ordinary

Peak spiritual experiences are wonderful and provide much insight, but clear abidance comes from recognizing that all that was formerly seen as ordinary continually emanates the light of the extraordinary. You are always in the wonderland.

Don’t Miss Your Own Awakening
This, All of This, Is It
A Wonderful World
Why, Why?
Never Enough
Shape Shifting
The Stateless State
this and This
The Language of Dreams
Are You Dreaming?

Who Are You?

We are conditioned to believe that we are separate individuals among other such beings in a world of external forms and objects. As we examine this assumption carefully, it collapses in upon itself, and we are left with a clear vision of who we truly are.

A Filtering Device
Don’t Be So Nosy
Don’t Object to Being an Object
True Compassion
You Can Be Anything You Want
My Will Be Done
Someone I Know
The Seer and the Seen
Unborn Again
Vicarious Living
Who Do You Think You’re Fooling?
Words Fail Me
Beyond Your Best Self
Are You Incarnate?

Here and Now

We have long been searching for God, enlightenment or peace. Look no further: They are right where you are, in this very moment. Delve into exploring this treasure before you.

All Included
Awakened by Grace
Ruling Over Time
Receiving What Is Yours
We Are Spirit in a Spiritual World
Where Is My Mind?
Nothing Attained, Everything Claimed
Breakthrough Bliss
Fading Away

Who Awakens?

As the ego steps aside, your true self shines forth, and you see that you are and always have been absolutely awake. But precisely to the degree that the ego steps back in and tries to claim the awakening, your light is diminished. We must learn to shift our identity from the illusory self to the real, and abide in that truth.

Awake by Proxy
Don’t Monkey with the Monkey
Consciousness vs. Sentience
Liberty for All and None
Am I Making Myself Clear?
Oneness’s Experience of Awakening
The Eye of the Eye

Living in Truth: Surrender and Peace

After awakening, relative life continues. It tends to draw us back into identification with the individual character, especially in times of drama and high emotion. The key to remembering your true Self and abiding in peace is equanimity. This requires daily vigilance and practice, but we come to find that it is a labor of love.

Gratitude A-Z
Embracing My Inner Crone
The Eternal Honeymoon
Forgiving MySelf
Awakening and Virtue
I Am, Dark and Light
Accepting What Is
The Surrender Experiment
Modern Cave Dwellers
Thy Will Be Done
Why Do We Believe?
Riding Fine Horses
Be True to Your Self
Thwarting Demons

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