Nondual Zen Article:

Fading Away

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Fading Away
by Kathleen Sutherland

We don’t thin out the character to be more clear or awake. That which perceives potential benefit in thinning out the character, Awakeness itself, already has crystal clarity, already is stunningly, brightly awake.

So why do I steadily work to thin out the character? Why do I attend satsang, read or listen to nondual or Advaita teachings, meet with fellow finders to discuss our adventures, challenges and insights?

I do all this because it allows more light to shine through this location, which soothes the soul and benefits all. But it doesn't make Me any clearer. It's just that it’s simply a pleasure to illuminate this location, which formerly was obscured by shadow. I enjoy the spectacle of the light dawning ever brighter and steadier at this pinpoint in the universe. But this process does not make me clearer. I am always perfectly clear. I am the source of the illumination, always shimmering, shifting through an infinite array of gold, white, and glorious color.

Lightening the density of the character is my work, my joy. That is why we do it. I don’t eradicate the character, whom I created and whom I love. I just teach it to work with the knowing, the truth. I show it how to step out of the way, to be a gracious servant. A servant of love, of loving all that is.

So I practice acknowledging that this arising is perfect. It is perfection, not in the sense of a fantasy, but in the sense that it is my will, down to the tiniest detail, manifesting in every moment. Even the sense of imperfection is part of the whole, of the perfection, and is received and embraced.

As the character learns to flow into line with what is, I shine ever more brightly in that location. But my essential brilliance is never dimmed, regardless of what any character anywhere is doing, thinking or believing. Nevertheless, it is a joy to find a sunny spot, where the character’s transparency invites me to shine through, with my dancing, dappled rays of light.