Nondual Zen Article:


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by Kathleen Sutherland

What if there were only this moment, only now? This is the question I've decided to explore this month (September). I will pretend that this is the only moment that ever was and ever will be. The moment won't last forever because there is no future. But it is eternally now.

If there is only now, then I want to be consciously awake right now. There won't be another chance - ever. To be awake in this moment, I must remember to see what is: this dream unfolding. I must do my best to love this dream - not the whole dream story line, because that is being disregarded this month. But I'll do my best to love and appreciate this snapshot of the dream. It's gray and rainy today. I'm grateful for water for the plants and animals and humans to drink. I like the sound of the rain.

I seem to be alive. That is interesting. I've always been alive, but not always through the Kathleen character. And there has never been a day like today for Kathleen (or anyone else). This moment is exquisitely unique. I'm glad I'm here for it. It is full of the past and future. Past and future converge upon this moment, making it infinitely heavy.

But because this moment is traveling so fast, it feels weightless. The weight of all time cannot pin it down because it is constantly in motion. We get to ride with it. We have no choice, of course. It sweeps us along. But we wouldn't want to be left behind. We are carried along, never forgotten.

Even after the body dies, I will still be in this moment. So I might as well get used to it. The scenery changes, but I've learned that that does not do much for me, one way or the other. It does not touch Who I am. I am this moment. I am now. I always have been and forever will be only now.

Loving this is loving Myself. Love can only be expressed, given and felt right now. Tomorrow I may forget all this, but today I will remember.